DUI Dismissed! But why is my mugshot still online?

Finding Your Mugshot on the Internet

Picture This: You are arrested for DUI, you have not gone before a Judge or even consulted with a lawyer; but, your mugshot is all over the internet. The charges you are arrested for are on the world wide web for all to see and often your personal information, such as your home address, is listed.

You hire an attorney who specialized in DUI defense and he or she is able to get your DUI charges reduced to a moving violation. Maybe your attorney has been able to argue in a motion to the court, as I have, that all evidence against you should be thrown out due to the officer violating your constitutional rights and the State decides to dismiss your case altogether. You've been cleared, no longer under the stigma of being a DUI driver. But wait, the online mugshot websites still have your mugshot, your charges, and maybe your home address still listed for everyone to see.

Why is it Still There?

Do you want to have it removed? Yes! But, it's going to cost you. And you take it off of one website and it pops up on another website.

In my opinion, this is nothing but a way to extort payments to remove the mugshots from persons who don't wish to have their information made public; including persons who have been cleared or exonerated of all charges. Currently, there is nothing illegal about utilizing public information, such as arrest records, and publishing them to the web; however, a law should be passed preventing these websites from profiting off of persons who wish to have their names removed.

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