DUI from Ambien: FDA cuts dosage in half after following drug maker's guidelines leads to impaired driving

FDA Cuts Ambien Dosage for Women in Half

The FDA has cut the recommended Ambien dosage in half for women finding that their bodies process the drug more slowly. DUI is not a specific intent crime, meaning that there is no intent required in the accused's mind to drive while impaired. The only thing that is required is that the accused intended to perform the acts (i.e. take a substance that impairs and drive a vehicle) and that while doing the act of driving the person was impaired.

What makes this article so interesting is that a female driver can take her prescribed Ambien the night before while strictly following the drug maker's guidelines that she devote 7-8 hours for sleep, wake up the next morning, drive to work, and be arrested for driving while impaired. In Georgia, if a drug is prescribed for a person then the State must show that the person was a less safe driver due to the drug that she took. There is no defense that you took the medication in strict accordance with the drug maker's guidelines.