• What to Do When You Are Arrested for a DUI

      No matter who you are or how clean your driving record may be, seeing the red and blue lights in your rear view mirror can be upsetting. When you are pulled over and the police officer tells you that ...

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    • Jones v. State: Use of Prior DUI Convictions to Show Intent or Knowledge of the Defendant in a New DUI Case Held Inadmissible

      The Georgia Court of Appeals restricts the State from using a person's past DUI convictions to argue for a conviction on a new DUI case. It's hard to believe, but Georgia has a long history of ...

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    • Limited Driving Permits

      As a penalty for drinking and driving , many people lose their ability to drive through a license suspension or a revocation. They may no longer be able to drive to their job, to their friend's houses ...

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