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In a DUI case, the State has the burden to prove all elements of the DUI charge. The State will use testimony from the officer, results from field sobriety tests, results from chemical tests of your blood or breath, or even a refusal to take the state administered chemical test. All aspects of the charges against you must be proven. All of this evidence may be challenged. Field sobriety tests are required to be administered according to standardized protocols. The instruments used to measure blood alcohol levels are also subject to failure and may not be calibrated correctly. Evidence the officer collects in the investigation are required to be collected according to the law and could be suppressed by the court if the law was not followed.

In any of these factors, whether human, mechanical, or procedural, an error may be made which can be used in the defense of a DUI. As a Marietta DUI attorney and former prosecutor, attorney Glasgow is completely familiar with how the prosecution will build its case in a DUI and can challenge it in a thorough and comprehensive protection of your rights. Regardless of the charges levied against you, we can provide you with effective, individualized, and experienced representation.

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Why BAC Tests Don't Always Deliver the Truth

Blood alcohol concentration is one of the main factors in establishing the guilt of a person accused of a DUI. Therefore, the test given to measure the BAC must be collected according to the law and be proven valid and sound. The BAC test can be open to error on the part of the officer in the field administering the test or lab tests administered by others. Chemical tests are only as good as the instruments involved and the people who use them. A common error in BAC tests is called residual mouth alcohol contamination where alcohol in the mouth gives a false reading of a person’s true blood alcohol level.

Additionally, law enforcement personnel must obey pertinent laws when acquiring evidence to use against you. If they do not, the evidence cannot be admitted as evidence in a court of law against you. A good DUI defense lawyer can dissect the way in which your DUI was investigated by the police officer in the field to find such errors in your defense.

Here are several additional reasons why you should hire Bart to handle your case today:

  • Our Marietta DUI attorney is an extensively experienced former prosecutor with hundreds of successfully prosecuted DUI, misdemeanor, and felony cases.
  • Bart has a comprehensive understanding of this complex area of law and can protect your rights all throughout the legal proceedings.
  • As a former DUI prosecutor, Bart knows how the state will build its case against you; therefore he knows how to take advantage of weaknesses in the State’s case to defend you.
  • Bart provides compassionate representation through our personalized method of care. We take the time to get to know you and your case from your free consultation through representation.

DUI Roadblocks

Arrests for DUI made in the course of a law enforcement road block create many legal issues that are usually not present in a DUI case made, for example, after an officer has pulled someone over for another moving violation. The reason is quite simple; if you are speeding or failing to maintain your lane of travel then an officer has the legal authority to stop you for the traffic offense and while speaking with you about the violation he or she can enlarge their investigation if they have what the law calls a "reasonable articulable suspicion" that you are operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. However, in a road block case, a person is driving down the road, committing no traffic offenses whatsoever, stopped at a roadblock, and investigated for DUI. The police are not required to observe any moving violations, traffic offenses, or even have a reasonable articulable suspicion that a person is driving under the influence. What allows the police to do this?

While law enforcement officers are allowed to operate a roadblock and stop all vehicles traveling through it, the law requires that they plan, initiate, and conduct the roadblock pursuant to strict guidelines handed down from the Georgia Appellate Courts as well as the United States Supreme Court.

If a roadblock violates any of these guidelines then all the evidence the police have gathered and used to charge someone with DUI, including the following, is susceptible to being suppressed and excluded from use at your trial:

  • Performance on field sobriety tests
  • Blood alcohol test results
  • Any observations made by the officer after the roadblock stop

If you were arrested for DUI at a police roadblock, contact us to review your case.

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