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All defenses to a DUI, or any criminal charge, fit under one of two categories: legal and factual. Factual defenses are straightforward; the State simply lacks evidence to factually prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for the charges brought. The facts the officer has gathered, when considered, simply do not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and the defense is brought by attacking the strength of the facts.

Motions are used to bring legal defenses before the court. While factual defenses are concerned with attacking the strength of the evidence, legal defenses attack the evidence gathered by law enforcement on the basis that the evidence was gathered in violation of the law.

What Type of Evidence is Used at Trial?

Evidence that is subject to being suppressed from use at trial:

  1. Statements made to law enforcement.
  2. All evidence gathered after an unlawful detention by law enforcement.
  3. Results of any scientific test not performed in accordance with the law and accepted scientific protocols and procedures.
  4. Evidence based on hearsay or speculation

New appellate decisions from the Georgia Court of Appeals, Georgia Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court change whether the trial court will allow or suppress evidence. We keep up to date on new developments in the law to make sure the full range of defenses are utilized in your case.

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