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Georgia Field Sobriety Tests

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A person stopped by a police officer for suspicion of DUI may be given one or more field sobriety tests. In theory, these tests examine the suspected person's ability to perform multiple mental and physical tasks, such as those that are required to operate a motor vehicle. However, these tests can be problematic for individuals over 65, those who are significantly overweight, those with medical conditions or injuries, or those who are uncoordinated or nervous. Such individuals cannot be accurately judged for driving impairment by these subjective tests.

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About Field Sobriety Tests

The most common field sobriety tests include:

  • Horizontal gaze test, where the individual follows an object (such as a pen) with his or her eyes and an involuntary jerking of the eyes sometimes caused by a central nervous system depressant (like alcohol) is observed.
  • Walk and turn, heel to toe, in a straight line
  • One-leg stand
  • Romberg - Feet together, head back, eyes closed, and estimate the passage of thirty seconds
  • Finger to nose, eyes closed, with tip of index finger
  • Touching each finger of the hand with the thumb while counting
  • Reciting the alphabet without singing it while starting with a letter other than "A" and ending with a letter other than "Z"

Field sobriety tests are very controversial as they depend on the perception of the arresting officer. It has been found that many sober people cannot accurately perform these tests, making their use questionable. It has been demonstrated that police officers found individuals impaired to drive after performing these tests but later tests determined the individual had a 0 percent blood alcohol concentration and no impairing drugs in their system.

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